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Scaled Art is the creation of Bay Area artist - Joel Friesch. All the 3D pieces featured are individually sculpted. These museum quality works are cast in urethane and hand-painted in oils.

The pieces shown are of individual animals, extensively researched and photographed to replicate individual markings. Markings for any other individual animal can be done to order. All works are lifesize and accurate to scale whenever possible.

All pieces are limited edition and prices vary depending on species, size, amount of detail etc.

In addition you will find a 2D gallery of work both commissioned and for fun that reflects what he loves and organizations that further those goals.

Enjoy. Commission work gladly accepted.

marine iguanas



"Your Alligator Snapper in the art room at the Daytona Expo was THE most memorable herp I saw at the entire show. As a photographer, I love detail, so your work impreeses the heck out of me. I'll work on asking Santa for one."



"Joel has an intimate knowledge of his subjects as I'm very impressed by the extraordinary detail and accuracy of his work. I'm the proud owner of two of his reptile sculptures and hope to eventually have more."

Bob Henderson - Curator of Herpetology - Milwaukee Public Museum


"UNBELIEVEABLE!! Everyone, from my Department Head to fellow faculty, to my students couldn't believe how real is was. Two people actually jumped when they saw me coming because they thought i was holding real lizards!"

Dr. Mark A. Mitchell - Louisiana State University - School of Veterinary Medicine


"Oh Joel... I'm speechless. He is absolutely beautiful. He looks so much like Morpheus it tugs at my heart. Thank you so very much."

Jenna Tynan, owner - Prism Chameleons, LLC

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